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Protact Systems Australia provides outstanding tactile installation services suited to your needs. Feel free to contact us  for any enquiries or if you require an a quote or an estimate for your next project.

Our stair nosing, edging and tread products are anti-slip and provide sufficient luminance contrast between each step, allowing for a clear distinction between each stair edge. Consequently, people with visual impairment are able to differentiate each riser and it’s edge, allowing for safe travel for all.

Our high installation standards and expertise in tactile indicators and guidance systems are why we are one of the leading tactile installation specialists in Sydney.

Recent projects

At Protact Systems Australia, we pride ourselves in delivering only the best quality products and installation services for our clients and we go above and beyond to meet their needs. Our workmanship and expertise in guidance system installation are demonstrated in the image gallery below.
Marsden Park Cafe - Tactile Indicators Mats and Stair Nosing - Protact Systems Australia

HomeWorld Marsden Park

Beverly Hills Units - Stair Nosing Installation - ProtactSystems Australia

DEN Projects Units

NDIS Housing Tactiles Stair Nosing - Protact Systsems Australia

NDIS Housing

Safety Stair Nosing Installation

Sydney Corporate Building

Chatswood Polytact Installation

Chatswood PolyTact Installation

Tactile Mats Homeworld - Protact Systems Australia

HomeWorld Cafe

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