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SSN01 Profile

SureStep SSN01 stair nosing has been designed for use on hard surfaces and can be fitted with three different coloured anti-slip inserts.  is available in three colours.  They are ideal for a broad range of applications and provide the highest slip rating (P5).  Our profiles are extruded from 6060/T5 alloy and the heavy duty, durable carborundum insert performs exceptionally well in low and high foot traffic areas, both internally and externally.
SSN01 provides maximum safety for pedestrians and and exceed WHS requirements. Our stair nosings are manufactured to comply with Australian Standards and Building Codes. All SureStep inserts have been slip checked to AS 4586:2013.
Stair Nosing - SN01
NCC Compliant

NCC Compliant

AS 1428.4.1 Compliant

AS 1428.1-2009 Compliant

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

R10 Slip Rating

P5 Slip Rating


ProductSureStep Stair Nosing SSN01
MaterialAlloy: 6060, Temper: T5
Suitable Installation SubstratesTimber, Concrete, Tiles
Code ComplianceAS1428.1-2009
Slip Test ResultsOil/Wet Ramp Test = P5

Technical Drawing

Installation Methods

Protact Stair Nosings are fixed to the substrate mechanically or with adhesive.

Mechanical fixing is the most durable and effective method of installation. The Stair Nosings are countersunk and holes are drilled into the substrate, followed by adding plugs (for concrete and tiles) and then screwing the stair nosing to the substrate. This method of of installation allows for the stair nosing to be securely fixed in place in low and high foot traffic areas. The countersunk holes ensure all screws are flush with the base of the stair nosing and are completely concealed once the insert is put into place.

Adhesive fixing is performed by first cleaning the stairs with water followed by acetone to remove all debris and dust, allowing for maximum adhesion with the substrate. A polyurethane adhesive is applied to the base of the stair nosing, which then placed on the substrate substrate and hit lightly with a mallet in order for a uniform layer of adhesive is applied. The grooves on the bottom of the stair nosing base provides greater surface area and therefore, greater adhesion with the substrate. The adhesive must then be allowed to fully cure before it can be walked on. Adhesive fixing is particularly suitable for tiled surfaces.

Suitable Substrates
Stair Nosing Installation

Our dedicated and experienced team strive to deliver the best possible tactile installation service that is fast, complies with Australian Standards and at provided at a great price.

All our projects are carried out at the highest possible standard while offering expert advice on tactile indicator, stair nosing and tread installation solutions.

Our focus on delivering a smooth installation process that is flexible and caters to our client’s needs and schedule is paramount.

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