Polyurethane Tactile Indicators

ProductPolyurethane Discrete Warning Tactile Indicator
Suitable Installation SubstratesTimber, Concrete, Bitumen, Tiles, Vinyl
Code ComplianceAS/NZS 1428.4 .1 2009
Slip Test ResultsWet Pendulum Test = V
Oil/Wet Ramp Test = R10

Protact’s PolyTact Polyurethane Tactiles are designed and manufactured to comply with AS 1428.4.1:2009. The high-grade quality, solid polyurethane tactiles feature superior physical properties at an economical price.

Our polyurethane tactiles are manufactured from a thermoplastic polymer, giving the material a range physical properties that are ideal for its application in tactile guidance systems.

Some of these properties include high tensile, impact and shear strengths. The polymer is also highly resistant to UV damage, hydrolysis and deformation. PolyTact Polyurethane Tactiles feature a highly slip resistant tactile face with an embedded concentric circle design which transitions to a smooth, beveled outer edge.


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