Brass Tactile Indicators

DuraTact Brass Tactiles

Protact DuraTact Brass Tactile Indicators are designed and manufactured to comply with AS 1428.4.1:2009. The high quality, solid architectural grade brass tactiles feature an appealing finish and aesthetic qualities that make them well sought after for use in hotels, pubs and cafes.

The single, solid brass casting, allows for superior durability and resistance to shaft dislocation. Cheaper, less sturdy brass tactiles that have been welded at the base and shaft from two brass pieces are much more likely to dislodge or break at the shaft.

The architectural grade brass is highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Protact Brass Tactiles feature a highly slip resistant tactile face with an embedded concentric circle design which transitions to a smooth, beveled outer edge.

Brass Tactile Indicators
NCC Compliant

NCC Compliant

AS 1428.4.1 Compliant

AS 1428.4.1 Compliant

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

R10 Slip Rating

R10 Slip Rating


ProductBrass Discrete Warning Tactile Indicator
Suitable Installation SubstratesTimber, Concrete, Bitumen, Tiles, Vinyl, Carpet
Code ComplianceAS/NZS 1428.4 .1 2009
Slip Test ResultsWet Pendulum Test = V
Oil/Wet Ramp Test = P5

Technical Drawing

Tactile Indicator Technical Drawing
Installation Methods

Protact Tactile Indicators are fixed to the substrate mechanically or with adhesive.

Mechanical fixing allows for fast and effective installation. The tactile indicators have a plug moulded to the stem which fixes the tactiles to the substrate without the use of adhesive.

Adhesive fixing is performed by applying a two-part epoxy adhesive to the substrate tactile holes followed by inserting the tactile. The adhesive must then be allowed to fully cure before it can be walked on.

adhesive or mechanical fix
Suitable Substrates
Tactile Indicators Installation

Our dedicated and experienced team strive to deliver the best possible tactile installation service that is fast, complies with Australian Standards and at provided at a great price.

All our projects are carried out at the highest possible standard while offering expert advice on tactile indicator, stair nosing and tread installation solutions.

Our focus on delivering a smooth installation process that is flexible and caters to our client’s needs and schedule is paramount.

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