Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Protact Systems Australia premium DuraTact 316 marine grade stainless steel tactile indicators are manufactured as a single unit rather than cheaper tactiles that are welded to attach the tactile base to them stem.

Our PolyTact polyurethane tactiles indicators  are formulated to be UV-stabilised, preventing colour fading and material degradation. You can rest at ease knowing that they will retain their colour and continue to meet australian standards for luminance contrast.

Stair Nosing

An aluminum frame houses an anti-slip carborundum, ribbed aluminium or santoprene insert with various colour choices to meet design or luminance contrast requirements.

The aluminium profile is anodised in accordance with AS 1231:2000 and the inserts have been checked to AS 4586:2013. The profiles are designed for specific applications such as for hard surfaces, vinyl and carpet tiled flooring. The architectural grade aluminium alloys (6060/T5 Alloys and 6063/T5) are extremely durable and the anti-slip insert offers great slip protection.

SSN01 Profile

Surface mounted and suitable for hard floor surfaces such as concrete and timber.

Profile SN01 Stair Nosing

SSN02 Profile

Surface mounted and suitable for hard floor surfaces such as concrete and timber.

SSN03 Profile

Installed prior to standard carpet tiles and fixes them on the tread and riser of the stairs.

SN03 Stair Nosing

SSN04 Profile

Surface mounted on hard floor surfaces and allows space to overlap vinyl covered floors.

SN04 Stair Nosing
Our Services

TGSI Installation

Protact Systems Australia provides a range of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators that can be installed into various substrates and our experienced installers can deliver tactile guidance systems solutions to suit your needs.Our excellent service, superior workmanship and devotion to complete quality projects can not be beat.

Product Selection Advice

We can offer the best advise for for specifying the appropriate products that are suitable for your project and meet Australian Standards.

Stair Nosing, Tread and Edging Installation

Installation is carried out in compliance with AS 1428.1:2009. Installation methods for fixing our products to the substrate include adhesive only or a combination of adhesive and screws. Our stair nosing, edging and tread products are anti-slip and provide a clear distinction between each stair edge, providing safe access to all.

Compliance Consultation

We offer free consultation to ensure all installation are compliant. Our expertise and knowledge of AS 1428.4.1 and AS 1428.1 will ensure that you have the correct product, tactile layout and installation.

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